Multiplayer First Person Hero Shooter ‘X8’ Coming Soon from VR Game Developer Thirdverse

Choose your hero in this 5v5 tactical VR shooter featuring competitive maps, unique gestures that activate dozens of abilities, and a variety of weapons, which is set to release this winter for Meta Quest2 and PCVR

Thirdverse, Inc. today announced that the first VR game from its US studio, X8, will be a multiplayer tactical first person hero shooter available for purchase this winter. Thirdverse’s US studio consists of industry veterans with more than 20 years creating AAA and cross-platform titles in gaming. On the heels of its recent launch of sword-fighting action game ALTAIR BREAKER, Thirdverse is redefining the 5v5 hero shooter game with interactive heroic abilities in the classic vein of search and destroy style maps and gameplay. In X8, a digital cataclysm has forced a reboot of all contemporary shooters. Heroes from different FPS franchises find themselves crossing paths back to their common ancestor game engine. Players will compete across several maps to restore their source worlds and rebuild their path home.

Thirdverse is offering a first look of X8 to visitors of the annual Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan from September 15-18 at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in both the Thirdverse booth in Hall 5 #5-C14 and the Meta Japan booth in Hall 5 #6-C01.

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About the Gameplay

In X8, players embody a variety of distinct heroes who battle alongside and against each other using interactive abilities and unique weapons. Each hero can access three abilities: Instant, Basic and Ultimate. Each character has hero-specific items offering situational advantages. Additionally, heroes can access an extensive arsenal of weapons, armor and items ​​unique to their character. Players can acquire dozens of abilities and customize each hero's loadout before the beginning of each battle round. Additional armaments can be purchased with funds available in subsequent rounds.

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About the Game Mode

Players are divided into two teams (up to 5v5) and play up to 16 rounds, where attackers place a detonation device called ‘The Extrapolator’. Defenders attempt to disrupt deployment or defuse the Extrapolator. Attackers must place the team’s Extrapolator in set locations on the map to enable the detonation process. Once placed, the attackers will need to successfully defend the extrapolation process as the timer counts down to zero. Defenders must prevent deployment of the opposing team’s Extrapolator, deactivate the extrapolator within 30 seconds using ‘The Defuser’ or eliminate all attackers to conclude the round. As a rule, each player can only launch one sortie per round, so eliminating another team will also determine winners of the round.

Note: multiple game modes are planned for the future.

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Product Overview

Supported Platforms: Meta Quest 2, PCVR
Title: X8
Genre: Tactical First Person Hero Shooter
Price: To be announced
Release: This Winter
Players: 5v5, up to 10 players

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Founded in 2020, Thirdverse, Co., Ltd is a virtual reality game development, distribution and management company paving the path to the metaverse based out of Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco. In 2019, its Japan studio released the world’s first VR multiplayer sword-fighting action game, SWORDS of GARGANTUA. In August 2022, the studio launched its second VR multiplayer sword-fighting action title ALTAIR BREAKER. In September, it is also currently promoting the “Thirdverse Plan”, aiming to create a “Third Space” in the virtual metaverse. The company currently has several VR and blockchain projects in development. For more information, visit

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