Yomuneco Inc, Developer of the VR Sword-Fighting Action Game Sword of Gargantua, Changes Company Name to Thirdverse Inc

Former Yomuneco Inc., Japanese company involved in planning and developing VR games, is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to Thirdverse Inc. as of June 13, 2020

The new company name is a portmanteau of “third place” and “metaverse”. The "third place” in question is a concept proposed by the American sociologist Mr. Oldenburg, which refers to a place that is neither home (first place) nor work or school (second place), but a place where one feels at ease. Typical examples are parks, cafes, public facilities and many several places that are calming for each individual. However, almost all of them are in the "real world".

In recent years, with the expansion of the VR market and the development of technology, it has become possible to create your own place in the virtual space. Yomuneko Inc. has continued to develop VR games with the company's vision of "creating an interaction environment for multiple users in a space that feels supremely comfortable, and contributing to the development of society”.

In the VR multiplayer sword-fighting action game "Sword of Gargantua", released in 2019, we added the "Online Lounge" in a recent major update to promote the creation of a place to promote communication in the virtual space.

It is with the belief that we will continue to create a "third place" in the virtual space (Metaverse), we have decided to change our company name to "Thirdverse". Thirdverse Inc.

We will do our best to develop a "new place to live" in the VR era in virtual space.