Corporate Message


Have you ever heard of the word "Third Place"? It's not your home, nor your workplace or school. It's the place behind the concept of "a space where you feel at ease".

We want to create this Third Place inside the Metaverse. This is the origin of the company name "Thirdverse", and our mission is to realize a "world where people can live freely" in the virtual world.

To us, "live freely" means "a world where each person has choices in his or her own hands and can live whatever life he or she wants to".

In today's world, there are many people who are living with the one look they were born with and the role society expects them to play. Changing the reality in the immediate future might be difficult, but in the virtual world you can have the appearance you like and live with the personality you want. We believe that this is the world where "it's easy to live".

Our company has been a pioneer in the VR industry, combining technology and know-how since we announced the world's first multiplayer VR sword-fighting action game, SWORDS of GARGANTUA, in 2019. In the future, we will combine the technology of blockchain to create an economic zone and create a new virtual world where people can live in. This is "Thirdverse's Plan".

People's sense of values and lifestyles have changed a lot. The means of meeting people will soon change from real to virtual, and the age of "Virtual First" will come. And it is us, Thirdverse, that will drive the rapidly growing VR industry in the future.

The future is not what we envision, the future is created by us.
With this vision, "Thirdverse" will become the best in the world in the VR industry.